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Versa Fittings
Serving the plumbing, heating, medical, food, water purification, forestry, mining and transportation industry has afforded Versa’s manufacturing division with the experience to produce or assist in the design of all your machined products.
Polyethylene Tube - Natural Food Grade Tubing
Silicone Tube - Natural Food Grade Silicone Tubing - 100 Ft. Coils
Nylon Tube - Natural Flexible Nylon Tubing - 100 Ft. Coils
Polyethylene Tube - Black Fire Retardent Tubing
Nylon Tube - Natural Semi-Rigid Nylon Tubing - 100 Ft. Coils
Clear PVC Tube - Clear Food Grade PVC Tubing - 100 Ft. Coils
Polyurethane Tube - Natural Ester Polyurethane Tubing - 100 Foot Coils
Polyethylene Tube - Black Non-Food Grade Tubing
Nylon Tube - Black U.V. Resistant Flexible Nylon Tubing - 100 Ft. Coils
Brass Fittings