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Super-Dry Systems Inc.
Super-Dry specializes in the design and manufacture of cost-effective, heavy duty purification, separation, dehydration, and filtration equipment for compressed air.
Mini Filters and Desiccant Dryers - FC/FD Series

Mini Filters and Desiccant Dryers

The Super-Dry FC/FD Series is perfect for point-of-use filtration and drying.  Installed directly on the equipment, it protects air-operated tools and processes.  The FC is a pre-filter that retains oil and solid particulates as small as 40 microns.  The FD is an after filter that removes solid particulates as small as 5 microns and dries moisture and condensation from the air. 

Compressed Air Dryers - D Series

Point-of-use Desiccant Air Dryer

The Super-Dry D Series is a single tower desiccant compressed air dryer that removes water and humidity from a compressor's air lines.  The D Series is perfect for sand blasting applications because it reduces costly downtimes due to poor air quality.  In the automotive industry, paint and body shops require dry air to minimize costly do-overs. The D Series is also very effective downstream of a refrigerated air dryer because it provides a lower dew point.