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SMC has been a leader in pneumatic technology, providing industry with technology and products to support automation based on the guiding principle of "contributing to automation labor savings in industry".
Hydraulic Line


  • CH hydraulic cylinders: Available in compact, round body, JIS, and tie-rod types - 3.5 to 16 MPa (507 to 2,310psi)
  • ISE75H digital pressure switch: High set pressure up to 15MPa (2,175psi) - Smooth surface controls - IP67 rating
  • FH hydraulic line filter: Easy element replacement - Large M24 drain exhaust port - quickly reverse direction of fluid flow
  • FHBA vertical return filter: Mounts directly on top of oil tank - prevents collected dust from entering tank - dual inlet ports
Electric Actuators


  • LER rotary type electric actuator: 4 rotating angle options including continuous rotation - Optional high torque variant
  • LEY rod type electric actuator: High load step or high speed servo motor options - Push, pull, lift & press applications
  • LEFS ball screw drive slider type: Inline motor with high load step or high speed servo options - AC servo also available.
  • LEH Electric Grippers: 2 & 3 finger models - Adjustable gripping force - Drop prevention function - Gauging capable
Pulp, Paper, Forestry & Sawmill


  • NCA1 medium duty tie rod cylinder: NFPA interchangeable mounting - Up to 8 inch bore size
  • CQ2 standard linear actuator: Highly configurable with 42 standard options - Up to 200mm bore size
  • VEX power valve: series includes a regulator valve, precision regulator, 3 position valve, and economy valve
  • ALD DP jet lube unit: Centralized lubrication to end-line components - Low oil consumption
Drop Prevention - End Lock Cylinders


  • End lock cylinders lock at the end of stroke when the air has been discharged.
  • Typically available with lock on the rod side, head side or both.
  • No separate piping is required for end lock type actuators.
Water & Waste Water


  • VXD pilot operated 2 port solenoid valve: Available brass or stainless steel body - Flow rate range of 1.9 to 49 Cv
  • MGP guide cylinder for heavy load applications - Available with water resistant option
  • IF flow switches: Wide detection range - Convenient external adjustment - Optional drip proof enclosures
  • KQG2 Stainless steel fitting: SUS316 material - Wide temperature range and sizes
Metal Processing


  • CA2 tie rod cylinder: Ideally suited to rugged applications - Available heat resistant & heavy duty scraper options
  • VPA air Operated 3 Port Valve: Capable of driving large bore cylinders - built in strainer to prevent entry of foreign matter
  • VHS pressure relief lockout valve: Prevents unintended air supply to pneumatic components - Modular FRL mountable
Hygienic Design


  • HYB/C/Q hygienic linear cylinders: NBR or FKM seals - Water resistant, smooth exterior surface is designed for easy cleaning - Conforms to ISO/VDMA dimensional standards
  • HYG hygienic guided cylinder:  NBR or FKM seals - Water resistant, designed with smooth exterior surfaces for easy cleaning, guided cylinder for heavy loads
  • IP69K Hygienic valve manifold: For SY3000/5000 valves - Corrosion resistant and withstands high pressure & steam
  • VFM 5 port NAMUR mount hygienic solenoid valve: Corrosion resistant and IP67 - Available throttle plate - A/C or D/C voltage
Power Clamp Cylinders

 Pin clamp cylinder series C(L)KQ series was designed with 4 body types for a broad range of installation conditions. 

MK-Z is a rotary clamp cylinder that has a high allowable moment of inertia.

Combining compact cylinder size and rotational capability, the MK2T cylinder is designed for heavy duty clamping applications, with an available integrated arm that swings out of the way when the cylinder is extended.

CKZ2N power clamp cylinder conforms to the new NAAMS standard. 

European standard power clamp cylinder, series CKZ3T-X2734, was designed with metal switch cassette cover with reconfiguration for simple switch adjustment.

CK1-Z series is a clamp cylinder available in two styles of clevis widths (16.5mm, 19.5mm). It is a non-lube, compact, lightweight cylinder with a built-in speed controller.

European standard power clamp cylinder, series CKZT, was designed with a rounded cover design and release button with minimal protrusion to reduce weld spatter accumulation.

CKZP shot pin cylinder is designed for both high precision and positioning repeatability.

WRF100 with its high clamping force makes it suitable for a broad range of applications.

W-R1 and W-R3 pallet lock cylinder offers post stoppage positioning and locking of carriers, line pallets, cars, and more.

Pneumatic Actuators


  • CUJ miniature free mount cylinder: Standard and clean room types - bore sizes from 4 to 10mm
  • CQ2 standard linear actuator: Highly configurable with 42 standard options - Up to 200mm bore size
  • MGJ miniature guide rod cylinder: Capable of handling high side load - provides non-rotational accuracy of ±0.01°
  • CRJ miniature free mount rotary actuator (rack and pinion): Compact, high rigidity, with improved allowable load
Mining, Quarrying & Mineral Processing


  • CS1 heavy duty large bore steel cylinder: Double acting single rod - Low friction & air hydro models
  • CS2 lightweight large bore cylinder: Double acting single rod - Up to 50% reduced weight than CS1
  • IP8000 electro-pneumatic positioner: Lever and rotary types - High accuracy - ATEX compliant
  • XT316 air shocker: Prevents bulk material plugging inside a chute or hopper
  • VBA booster regulator: Up to 400% increase of factory supplied air pressure - Efficient air-only operation
Drop Prevention - Lock Cylinders


  • Locking cylinders lock at any desired stroke position.
  • Can be used as an emergency stop or where intermediate stops are necessary.
  • Locking position can be changed in accordance with the external stopper position and thickness of clamped work-piece
Stainless Steel Cylinders


  • CG5 repairable cylinder: SUS304 - NBR or FKM seals - Food grade grease - Rod wiper prevents contamination
  • CJ5 repairable cylinder: SUS304 - Designed for washdown environment with a wiper that prevents water entry
  • NCM-X6009 cylinder: SUS304 - Wear ring for enhanced side load capacity - Rod wiper prevents contamination
  • MGP with XC6 option guided cylinder: Steel parts and rods changed to stainless steel - 12 to 100mm bore size
Oil, Gas, Power Plants, Bio-Fuel


  • CG5-S repairable stainless steel cylinder: NFPA interchangeable mounting - Up to 100mm bore size
  • VFS metal/rubber seal large flow 5 port valve: Available base mounted and body ported manifolds
  • IR air operated precision regulator: Sensitivity to within 0.2% F.S. - Maximum set pressure 0.8 MPa
Cement, Concrete & Aggregates


  • C96 ISO (15552) Tie Rod Cylinder: 32 to 125mm bore size - Non-rotating rod and smooth cylinder types added
  • SY 5-Port Solenoid Valve: High flow in a compact footprint - Highly configurable - Up to 200 million cycle life
  • PF2 Digital Flow Switch: Set and monitor using the digital display - Real-time and accumulated flow - IP65 construction
Vacuum Rodless Cylinders

 CYV, Vacuum Rodless Cylinder Series