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D & D Air & Hydraulic Components Inc. is a nationwide distributor in automation technology, for Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Vibration Components, as well, Silent Air Compressors. We also provide local maintenance and service. 

Mechanical Valves
Valves - 4F

Valves - 4H210

Valves - 4HVL

Valves - 4L210

Valves - HSV

Valves - S3L

Valves - S3PL

Mechanical Valves - CM3 Series

Control Valves - CM3 Series

AirTAC Mechanical Valves - 3F Series

AirTAC Mechanical Valves - 3FM Series

Push-Pull Valves - 3L Series

Foot Pedal Valves - 4F Series

AirTAC Mechanical Valves - 4FM Series

Hand Lever Valves - 4H Series

Hand Lever Valves - 4HV & 4HVL Series

Push-Pull Valves - 4L Series

Flow Control Valves - ASC Series

Hand Slide Valves - HSV Series

Control Valves - S3 Series

Air Valves - Manual/Mechanical

Mechanical Valves - TAC Series

Manually/Mechanically Actuated Valves – M5 Series

Manually/Mechanically Actuated Valves – CM3 Series

Manually/Mechanically Actuated Valves – S3 Series

Valves - Foot Pedal Operated - Pneumatic Electric

Valves - Series 2 Manually Operated Console Mini

Valves - Series 2 Mechanically Operated Console Mini

Valves - Series 3 4 Manually Operated

Valves - Series 3 Mechanically Operated

Valves - Series 3 Mechanically Operated Sensor

Valves - Manual Mechanical Air 125B 125MP 125MC 125MOC 125C

Valves - Manual Mechanical Air 125PLG 250PL 125P 250P 125HO

Valves - Manual Mechanical Air Seals Repair Kits and Parts

Valves - Manual Mechanical Air Technical Section

Humphrey TAC Valves 2P 4P 4PP 4PPX 3P 31P 31PPX 41P 41PP 41PPX 42P

Valves - TAC 2V 3V 4V 31V 41V 41T 41R

Valves - TAC 8-60 8-600 8-55A ESB

Valves - TAC 34A 341A 34AS 341AS 34AR 341AR 34ASR 341ASR

Humphrey TAC Valves 34B 34C 34CW 34CH 34T 34F

Valves - TAC Mini Fittings

Valves - TAC RSR SC1 C1 SQE C125 S125

Valves - TAC Technical Section

Norgren Super X Valves - Manually & Mechanically Actuated Spool Valves